In addition to fresh milk and coffee processing, with the Rex-Royal S300 MCTI you can dispense beverages such as chocolate and e.g. vanilloccino at the touch of a button, thanks to an integrated instant module.

As an option you can also get creamy cold milk froth. The Rex-Royal S300 MCTI stands for the unadulterated enjoyment of coffee, instant, and fresh-milk beverages. You can choose from a wide range of fridges as add-on units.

  • Warm milk beverages double-dispensed at the touch of a button with the self-priming M-version and FineFoam froth setting.
  • An optional integrated milk-pumping system for individual adjustment of the milk temperature; option for dispensing of milk from an under-the-counter solution.
  • Two large instant powder containers expand your beverage menu to include delicious chocolate or e.g. a vanilloccino.
  • Due to the convenient cleaning of the instant version and the large capacity of both instant powder hoppers, the Rex-Royal S300 with instant module is especially suited to the office/vending sector.
  • As an option you can also get the function “cold foam” at the touch of a button.
  • Standard integrated, high-resolution 7″ capacitive colour touchscreen for the setting of up to 24 beverages symbols.
  • 2 different user interfaces.
  • Simultaneous preparation of coffee and hot-water beverages.
  • The proven, further-developed, metal brewing unit holds up to 23 grams of coffee powder and fulfils the highest demands for coffee quality.
  • Easy operation and care thanks to visual user prompts and automated cleaning.