The Rex-Royal S545 CT, with a width of 45 cm, belongs to the most powerful coffee machines in the HORECA market.

With a variety of coffee beverages and with a hot water output of up to 58 litres per hour, it fulfils the highest capacity requirements in the professional gastronomy. If required, the Rex-Royal S545 CT brews two espressos or two coffees and you can also dispense hot water at the same time. A ventilation system for up to three grinders ensures the highest quality bean processing. The solid construction of the brewing unit, with a capacity of 23 grams, is designed for durability and maintainability.

  • If required, the Rex-Royal S545 can be equipped with a third grinder for an even more varied range of coffees. As standard, the coffee machine is equipped with two grinders.
  • The integrated hot water/steam system has an hourly output of 58 litres and thus fulfils even the highest requirements for speed and capacity.
  • Capacitive 8.4" Touchscreen for the programming of up to 24 beverages. Easy operation and care thanks to visual user guidance and automated cleaning.
  • The proven, further-developed, metal brewing unit holds up to 23 grams of coffee powder and fulfils the highest demands for coffee quality.
  • Simultaneous dispensing of coffee and hot water without compromise underscores the performance of the types in Rex-Royal S500 range.
  • The optional jug outlet (26cm) in combination with the brewing accelerator makes it enormously easy to fill up thermos jugs.